Ragin' River Kiko Farm is located in Southeastern Kentucky on the banks of the beautiful Cumberland River by the Daniel Boone National Forest.

Our goal is to produce a fast-gowing 50-60 lb. grade #1 meat goat. We focus on seed-stock bred to have good mothering abilities, sound feet, parasite resistance and the frame to carry multiple kids. They must have durable bags free of non functional udders. We use a forage based feeding program but supplemental feed is required in the winter. Our forage consists of orchard grass fescue pasture with cut over timber areas. Teff is our main hay crop. The herd receives free choice of minerals year around.

Sky's Sports Kat, one of the meatest bucks of the breed has left his legacy on our breeding. He has produced great mothers and when they are walking away there is no doubt who "dad" is. We are introducing new Jr.


Mission Statement

We here at Ragin River Kiko Farm believe genetics of the past, meet genetics of the present to make genetics of the future some of the BEST!